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CommForms provides secure PHIPA & PIPEDA compliant online forms through the following platforms:

  • for medical and financial forms including Booking forms for COVID-19 Assessment Centres, COVID-19 Screening forms, Nursing Services Request forms, Accounting forms.
  • for dental forms including patient intake Forms, COVID-19 Consent forms, COVID-19 Screening forms.
  • for Community Support forms including Meals On wheels ordering, medical transportation requests, foot care clinic appointments, personal support services, adult day program services.
Office staff can use our secure portal to view in real-time incoming form data, they can edit, confirm or cancel appointments and orders. Staff can send forms, form completion reminders and appointment updates to their clients or patients.

Office managers can use our secure portal to generate reports and detailed analytics.

All form data is encrypted prior to form submission and is sent over a secure SSL connection. Data never leaves Canada.

Our forms are used by medical offices, dental offices and community support agencies throughout Canada.

Basic features of our forms include the following:

  • Secure encrypted PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant online forms
  • Senior friendly and easy to use
  • Compatible with all web browsers
  • Works on all computer devices and is tablet & mobile friendly
  • All forms are available in multilingual format
  • No training for staff needed
  • 100% Canadian owned and data never leaves Canada

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Contact us to today to find out about our PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant medical and dental online forms, including patient intake forms, Covid-19 screening forms and Covid-19 consent forms.

The CommForms Portal

With our online portal and scheduling system CommForms can provide your office a complete, simple and easy to use solution to your request management and booking needs.

From initial intake of new clients to receiving service requests from existing clients, using CommForms, staff are able to process these requests from start to finish. With the CommForms portal staff are able to:

  • Have new client requests flagged for an intake assessment.
  • View, Edit & Book client’s service requests.
  • Send automated updates back to clients and caregivers reducing the need for confirmation calls.
  • Generate & email invoices to clients, their caregivers or third party payers
  • Send secure inter-agency referrals for clients to other agencies and receive confirmation emails
  • Generate schedules for staff
  • Update meals on wheels or supplies and equipment inventories
  • Generate reports and detailed analytics

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CommForms Helps you to communicate with your clients online in
Any language your organization provides services in

With our multilingual forms, clients can submit their service request in any language your agency choses. Clients receive automated confirmation emails and can check the status of their request online in the language they submitted the form in.

Staff receive all service requests in English regardless of the language the client submitted the forms in. All update and cancellation emails to clients remain in the client’s preferred language!

From clients sending their service requests online, to staff booking & confirming visits

To inventory management, invoicing and sending inter-agency referrals for clients

CommForms offers a complete solution!